Friends of the Santa Fe River

"We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. 
When we see land as a community to which we belong,
we may begin to use it with love and respect."  - Aldo Leopold

Return the river to her natural state.
Remove non-native invasive species.

Supporters, Donors and Voluneers

We thank all the donors and volunteers for helping. The Santa Fe River is part of our community that we all should care about. Thank you for participating!

We are in the process to post the supporters who donated in 2016! Please check back.

More donors and volunteers needed!
Please make check payable to FRIENDS OF THE SANTA FE RIVER. Thank you.

Goal: $25,000; Current: $14,775; Last Update: December 2682014

Donations over $1500

Steve & Kathy Elliott, Santa Fe, NM
Michael & Laiyee Lee Smith, Michael Smith Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $1100

Connie Axton, Ventana Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $1000

Robbin & Alice Dawson, Santa Fe, NM and Texas

Donations over $800

Joy & Bernie Busch, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $500

Economos Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Steven Melander-Dayton, Santa Fe, NM
Peter & Debra Segall, Washington DC
Jean Paul & Rebecca Valette, MA

Donations over $350

Sheryl Ikeda

Donations over $300

Carl & Leslie Livingston, Santa Fe, NM
Peter McCutcheon, Montreal, Quebec
Bob & Anne Smith, Santa Fe, NM and WA

Donations over $250

Steven Baker, Austin, TX

Donations over $200

Victor Cook, Santa Fe, NM
Peter & Chagit Heller, Santa Fe, NM and NJ
Paula Hutchison & Peter Gonzales, Santa Fe, NM. In memory of Dick Snyders
Heidi Kujat, Santa Fe, NM
Aleta Pippin & Eldridge Weaver III, Santa Fe, NM
Yana Ruzicka, Laguna Beach, CA
Carol & Thomas Stephens, Santa Fe, NM
John & Harriet Stoneham, Dallas,TX
Mark & Kathleen Sublette, Medicine Man Gallery, Tuscon, AZ
Jane Terry, Summit Investment Group, Santa Fe, NM
Ken Terry, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. George Duncan, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $150

Selby Fleetwood, Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Kim Martindale & John Morris, M2 Productions, Venice, CA
Linda Osborne, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $100

John and Judy Alfonsi, IL
Werner & Roswitha Bohm, Santa Fe, NM
Patricia & Mark Boulding, Santa Fe, NM and CO
Charles Braddock & Kay Web, Tulsa, OK
Patricia & Mark Boulding, Englewood, CO
David Cook, Denver, CO
David Clemmer, Santa Fe, NM
Jerry Freund, Tuscon, AZ
Laurie Hamilton, Kansas City, MO
Bill Hester, Santa Fe, NM
Fred King, Novato, CA
Raymond Lee, New York, NY,
Mary Linda & Amado Gutierrez, Santa Fe, NM
Barbara Meikle, Meikle Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Peter & Paula McClean, Santa Fe, NM
Phillip D. Mulvey, Rio Rancho, NM
Dr. Jorge Otti DDS, Santa Fe, NM
Martha Netherland, Santa Fe, NM
Gerald Richardson, Santa Fe, NM
Richard Smith & Layne Vickers, Santa Fe, NM
Henry & Lisa Walker, Santa Fe, NM
Bob & Margaret Warner, Santa Fe, NM
Mark & Ellen Marshall Vollinger, Santa Fe, NM
Barbara Novobilski & Steve Zeifman, Santa Fe, NM
Christina & Angela Pau, England
Jane Smith, Jane Smith Home, Santa Fe, NM
Zaplin Lampert Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $50

Lenore Alarid
Valerie Frost, Santa Fe, NM
Tashi & Janetta Ijamar, Santa Fe, NM
Frank Kinsell, San Anselmo, CA
Travis MacSwain, Santa Fe, NM
Debra Meyer, Santa Fe, NM
Andy & Stan Ornstein, Sherman Oaks, CA
Thomas Rogowskey & Wendy Bauman, Santa Fe, NM
Joseph Rosenbaum Jr, Santa Fe, NM
Sylvia Crew Silliman, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $25

Michael Barnett, Santa Fe, NM
John & Inger Bloomberg Seitz, Santa Fe, NM
Marcia & Ted Berridge, Santa Fe, NM
Eda Gordon, Santa Fe, NM

Donations over $20

Rocky & Patricia Tucker, Santa Fe, NM
Neil Williams & Paige Grant, Santa Fe, NM

Services Donations

Allegra Print & Imaging, Santa Fe, NM - Printed all the cards
Laiyee Lee, Kauai, HI - Created and developed the website.


Michael Smith

Hired and trained a tree trimming and removal crew. Supervises the crew in the river. Works in the river.

Eric Doerrer, President of Rebuild New Mexico Non-profit Organization,

Help to set up Friends of the Santa Fe River as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

All other Volunteers

Pulling weeds and cleaning. Thank you. More volunteers are needed!

Friends of the Santa Fe River is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is totally funded by private donations.
All donations are tax-deductible. Pleae donate to:

Friends of the Santa Fe River
c/o Rebuild New Mexico
2104 Tulip St. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105